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Up For Reviews

Reviews build confidence and potentially increase sales and that is what all authors want. Right? Sales mean someone cared enough to buy your book and hopefully they will recommend it. But reviews for indies are getting harder to come by.

We receive a significant amount of requests to review books and have always declined in the past because we simply do not have the time. There was a time when Simpklu could direct inquiries to blogs focused on indie reviews or other authors willing to exchange honest reviews but times have changed. More and more of the reputable blogs are swamped or no longer accepting solicitations from independent authors/publishers.

*I stress honest because the reading public can generally see through the four and five star cream puff promotions written by well-meaning friends and colleagues.

As I said earlier we get a significant amount of requests to review books and have always declined in the past but that has changed.

We currently have a few reviewers that are willing to take on the task (and sometimes pleasure) of reviewing and/or offering a private critique but buyer beware they do not sugarcoat opinions. They aren’t cruel but they are honest and they do not do it for free.

Why? You may ask. Their answer is simple “You are asking me to spend my time and money on a book I may or may not have eventually found on my own. I’m asking you to make an equal commitment.”

Some prefer to let their books be discovered naturally and that is perfectly fine. I personally prefer the natural approach but for those who feel they need a little boost that is fine too. If you are one of the latter we are offering honest reviews for $35. Yes that is thirty-five dollars per e-book. We purchase the e-book and write an unbiased review or private critique. It's up to you.

How will you know the review came from one of our team? You tell us where we should purchase your book. We will post the review where the purchase was made and let you know which reviewer posted. If the review is negative we will give you the option of not having it posted. Then you have paid thirty five bucks for a valuable opinion. Now that would be a bargain.

*Suggestion: Make sure your book is the best it can be before asking for reviews.

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