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Copy editing and proofreading are similar skills, but there are some important differences. It is important to note that copy editing is more demanding than proofreading and  therefore generally costs more.

The copy editor becomes very involved in the writing of the book and makes suggestions on the content such as what to include and what to leave out. They also assess the quality of the writing. They often ask the author to rewrite sections in order to make the story 'flow' or read better. In rare cases where the author can't bring certain aspects together the copy editor may actually rewrite that part of the book.

The proofreader's job is pretty much what it sounds like - to read the proofs. They will read the edited version and mark up any identifiable errors. Unlike the copy editor the proofreader is not concerned with improving the story and it is not their job to make changes though a seasoned proofreader may offer suggestions.

We understand the financial strain on most indie authors. Spending a sum of hard earned cash on a service and not sure if you’ll sell a single copy. The whole independent route is stressful but we can’t stress enough the value of editing. If you cannot afford to hire help please [please, please] get more eyes and ideas from a trusted source before you hurry to print.

A bad reputation is much harder to recover from than no reputation at all.

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